Tree Maintenance

Residential & Commercial Tree Removal for Monterey and Beyond

Healthy trees add value and beauty to your home. In Monterey County, trees need regular maintenance to keep them healthy and families safe. If you care for your trees, they will be a source of pride and joy for years to come.

Tree Removal Expertise


With tree maintenance being such a part of Monterey County culture, businesses should take extra special care of their trees so that they won’t drive customers away. A business that tolerates tree overgrowth appears to be out of step with the community’s culture and unconcerned about safety. Let us whip that land into shape for you.

We perform many different tree services. If you are developing property and you need land cleared, we have the equipment, manpower, and expertise to clear anything off the land that needs to go. We can also work around trees or other things that you might want us to leave alone. Fire breaks and general brush removal are also up our alley.

Any successful tree service that operates in Monterey County removes a whole lot of trees. The area’s high winds and many storms repeatedly knock trees down. These emergencies forced us to remove downed trees and tree limbs quickly. Our residential and business jobs made us good at felling trees. We’ve done it all, and we are good at what we do.

Let Us Clear Your View


If you can’t see the mountains, ocean, let us clear (“clear view”) the land that immediately surrounds your home or other building. This will give you both a view of your trees and space to landscape and add colorful plants, outdoor furniture, and other things.


Stump Removal


After we have felled and removed a tree, the stump remains. Its removal is a separate job from tree removal, even though it had been part of the tree. It’s a dirty job and we’re just the guys to do it. We can grind stumps and we can remove them.

Tree Planting


We get rid of a lot of trees in our line of work. So, one of the joys we have is planting young trees. Let one of our arborists beautify your property with young, hand-picked and nicely-positioned trees.


Tree Thinning


Thinning is the selective removal of branches in the top part of a tree. This pruning technique is done to reduce weight on limbs, give shape to the tree, or to open the foliage up to allow light and air to get through the tree’s crown.

Crown Raise


Getting rid of low branches on a tree is a pruning technique known as raising. People raise trees to give clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, vistas, and buildings.


Crown Reduction


Crown reduction is the pruning technique that shortens a tree. It is often done to give clearance for utility lines. But instead of lopping the tree’s top off, the main branches and terminals are pruned back to reduce the tree’s overall size.

Tree Securing


For many reasons, a tree’s structure can fail and the tree falls apart. High winds and frequent storms compound this problem. Cables properly placed between limbs redistribute weight. Bracing rods bolt split limbs together. These measures don’t guarantee that a tree won’t fall apart, but they do give them a chance to live a while longer.

Lopping off the weak, dying, dead, and barely-attached branches is the pruning technique that is referred to as cleaning.

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