Weed Abatement and Poison Oak Removal

Weed Abatement Saves Lives & Property


Weed abatement through mowing, discing or grading of firebreaks, or 100% of an entire area, reduces the property fire hazard in compliance with local city and county regulations.  

Mowing an area or firebreak reduces the height of weed growth, while discing turns the vegetation under the soil, thus diminishing the fire hazard.  Grading an area or firebreak eliminates all weed growth, thus removing the fire danger.  

Poison Oak Removal


Unfortunately, Poison Oak shrubs thrive in our part of the country, adversely affecting many estates and lots. Not only are they unsightly fire hazards, but they can be very dangerous.

When a person touches the leaves of a Poison Oak shrub, the plant’s oils cause symptoms that range from a small rash to anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock is an allergic reaction that causes the person’s throat to close up, cutting off the airway. These plants are dangerous even if they are dead.

Some people may think that they can just get rid of their Poison Oak shrub themselves by wearing gloves and chopping the shrub down. That is not only dangerous, but unproductive.

Chopping down a poison oak shrub and leaving its roots intact would actually cause it to aggressively grow back because of the rhizomes that run beneath the dirt. With a well-established root system that is capable of restoring life to the plant, the only solution is to remove every bit of the root along with the plant.

There’s no way around it – you need to call in a professional tree service to get rid of any Poison Oak shrubs that you have. Call us, and we will get rid of your poisonous problem, roots and all.

But there is a method to our madness. Before we would dig the shrub out, we would kill it by applying an herbicide to its leaves and bark. After a month or two, the shrub will be dead, from leaf to root tip. Then, using our machinery, hand tools, and our bare hands, we would remove every last bit of the shrub’s root system.

Killing poison oak shrubs before we dig them up is the best way to prevent baby poison oak plants from sprouting out of the ground after the shrub has been removed. However, sometimes we won’t be able to use an herbicide because of organic gardens, plants, or waterways that are in the vicinity.


When To Take On Poison Oak Removal


The most effective time to kill and remove a Poison Oak shrub is in the summer, which is before it has given off seeds and when it is weakened from a lack of sufficient water. So, if we cannot use an herbicide to aid us in preventing regrowth, timing your shrub removal to be done in the summertime would enable us to do a better job for you.

Either way, we follow up with customers we have removed a Poison Oak shrub for so that we can eradicate any sprouts that may come up.

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